The launching of a prize to reward the best contemporary photography is an amazing moment as always. An amazing event aimed at introducing a dynamic of excellence for a public made up of amateurs and professionals using this means of expression. It is definitely an event since the goal is to emerge and to make personalities and talents known to the general public. It consists in discovering the contesters’ viewpoints on a chosen topic.

Finally, it is a difficult exercise due to the aim of such a prize which is to choose a winner among works which are all excellent as regards their quality.

The aspiration of “JP’s Art prize for contemporary photography in Bangladesh” was inspired by the Cinegraphies and Apparition exhibition made by Pernot in Dhaka at the invitation of the Bangali of Fine Arts in August, 2010.
Motivated by the artist Shahabuddin, who advised him to develop artistic creation in Bangladesh. This prize will be carried out for the first time in 2012.
Photograph, plastic artist, film-maker Jean Philippe Pernot, who keeps getting maturity in his artistic expression, wants to help designers to foster exchanges and encounters between Bangladesh and France.
Ars Cultura has decided to carry on this ambitious project with two gifted artists, Shahbuddin and Jean-Philippe Pernot.
For the commemoration of the forty years of Bangladesh independence Shahbuddin helped to achieve, it seems appropriate to us to foster the emergence of talents in this country, in order to stimulate artistic expression as well as the cultural exchange through our two countries

The Prize
Rewards the best photographic steps in the field of creation and documentary .
The theme of this first edition is the portrait. This theme will be broached from the artistic and documentary point of view. This is a first step to exchanges between our two cultures. We’ll try, in few years, to make the prize more sizeable by offering two-week stays in France for the two prize winners.

Bringing together actors from the artistic world seems appropriate so as to confer an attractive dimension and value on the launching of this prize. Therefore, the jury will be composed of two photographers, a painter, a sculptor, a writer, a film maker, a French official representative, a representative for each artistic partner, gallery and art center.