Creator of this prize, Jean-Philippe Pernot or JP (for his intimates) has suggested Ars Cultura give strength to this prize and allow the artists to express their talent and to take it to our knowledge. A project supported by his closest friend the painter Ahmed Shahabuddin.

Since 2000, He has involved himself in creation. He has shown mostly in France, Spain, in the USA and recently in Bangladesh where he found the inspiration of this contemporary photography competition.

On the occasion of his exhibition in Bengal Gallery of Fine Art in 2010 Shahidul Alam introduced this artist of the contemporary photography as an artist who “might find joy in capturing the fleeting, the ephemeral and the insignificant is difficult enough to explain” and overall as man who “rejects the notion of the photographic truthsayer”

You can found the Shahidul Alam’s presentation here

and JP’s website by clicking on the picture below